What is headache?

Headache is a looking as a simple word but when it occurs then life got restless. On hearing this word headache, we go back to the memory of the last headache. Pain that begins mildly and gradually increases slightly and sometimes becomes unbearable. Sometimes it happens that we do not get relief from headache even after taking medicines.

Many people consider regular headache to be the truth of their lives, but there is a cure for this problem and that treatment is 'meditation'. It may sound a little strange, but it is possible to get rid of headaches through meditation.
what is headache? headache cause, symptoms & natural remedies for  treatment .

Why does a headache occur?

Headache happens mainly due to stress, excessive physical and mental exertion, insufficient sleep and appetite, motion sickness, excessive noise and excessive use of electronic equipment. Sometimes thinking too much, drinking insufficient amount of water is also cause headache.

8 Reasons for Headache:-

·        Stress Stress
·        Exhaustion of mind and body- Physical & mental exertion
·        Unbalanced Body System
·        Poor blood flow to the head
·        Insufficient sleep
·        Excessive noise pollution
·        Talking on the phone for too long time
·        Excessively Too much thinking

1. Stress

When the body and mind become difficult to handle, then it takes the form of headache. Meditation is counter-stress to stress (meditation reduces stress). The more and the more time you meditate, the more stress goes away from you. Overall, it means to meditate for 10-20 minutes daily.

2. Exhaustion of mind and body

There is a lot of work to be done while running at home and work throughout the day. At such a time meditation refreshes you and fills you with energy. Your grin returns and in the evening, just like 20 minutes meditation comes in the evening. It gives you complete relaxation so that you can spend a very enjoyable time with your family.

3. Unbalanced Body System
You must have noticed that when your stomach is upset, you start getting headaches. All the parts of our body are well connected to each other, so any imbalance in one part affects the other.

Meditation frees the body from the toxins present in various parts of the body and removes tension and re-balances. It helps in tracking the digestive system of the body. When you meditate daily what you are eating and how much you are eating. If you take care of your diet and become aware of it, then digestion improves and the body also becomes balanced. Thus the probability of headache decreases.

4. Poor blood flow to the head

Meditation of 10-20 minutes twice a day not only gives deep relaxation to the body and mind but also increases the flow of blood in the area of ​​the head. Increased blood flow to this area reduces the likelihood of headache.

In addition to meditation, you can also do some yoga asanas, which increase blood circulation, such as Hastapadasana, Sarvangasana and Halasana.

5. insufficient sleep

Working long hours, excessive work habits or addiction to TV and Internet are all excuses for sleeping late at night. Although it is not good to make them habit and sleep late at night, but sometimes it becomes unavoidable (which cannot be avoided). When a project is expiring or a client meeting is late at night, there is not much we can do about it. Sometimes sitting for 20 minutes and meditating helps in facing the pressure of such work.

Meditation relaxes, energizes and enhances performance. In fact regular practice of meditation increases productivity. You finish your work early and do not have to stay till late at night.

Meditation is one of the home remedies for sleep that benefits immediately.

Meditation also increases the quality of your sleep. Do you know that a 20-minute meditation can give you a deeper rest than your 8-hour sleep? This does not mean that meditation is an alternative to sleep, but that you sleep better when you meditate

6. Excessive noise

We all must have experienced excessive noise at some time. Some of us are not able to bear the noise at all and soon start complaining of headache.

Meditation gives you the ability to accept any situation as it is. By which you can remain calm and relaxed under any circumstances. So if there is a loud noise around you, it will not affect you because you meditate and are relaxed from within.

Note: When you meditate regularly, then you feel a pause. There will be situations when there will be a lot of noise around you which can also be a headache, but by practicing regular meditation you will be able to cope and accept this situation.

7. Talking on the phone too long
This is a condition that is often difficult to avoid. We do all these things in our lives every day, taking client calls or visiting friends from abroad. Sometimes talking on the phone for a long time becomes a cause of headache.

Don't worry. Whenever you feel dizzy, just meditate for a few minutes. This will relieve your stress and give deep relaxation to the nervous system which has been affected by the use of electronic things.

8. Thinking excessively

There is a solution, stop thinking more. But it becomes inevitable to think many times. The stress of everyday life, work pressure, family pressure, relationship disputes, how should we not think between all these. But you can definitely take some time in the day to relax by closing your eyes. Keep the outer world separate for some time, stay with you, use it as your time and see the difference.

Experience | Experience

Sarah Joseph from Poland says: - "I had a migraine for about 10 years, it was so intense that sometimes I could not even move, the pain was life-threatening. When I started meditating, I started seeing a difference within a few days. Earlier the intensity of pain decreased and regular practice of meditation has reduced the frequency of pain. "

Home remedies to relieve headache:-
Regular practice of yoga: which includes the above yogasana and pranayama (pulse resection pranayama and bhramari pranayama) are extremely effective. Then meditate for 20 minutes.
Drink more water - Drink sufficient amount of water, lack of water in the body can also cause headache. Sometimes we may get headaches even after practicing yoga and meditation. The reason for this is that meditation helps remove toxins from the body. After that, you have to re-hydrate your body to purify the body system .Water is an easy preventive treatment to get relief from headache.
If you are tired of eating painkiller medicines to relieve headaches and migraine pain, then with the help of acupressure you can get relief from it.

Let's know, by massaging which parts of the body with acupressure technique, you can get relief from headache and severe pain of migraine.

1. Massage on the forehead
  •         Place the thumb or index finger on the middle part of both eyebrows.
  •         Increase thumb pressure slowly and press fast.
  •         Stay in this state for one minute and take a deep breath after leaving.

2. Massage on hands
  •         Stretch the middle part of the thumb and finger.
  •         Lightly massage on this part with the other hand.
  •         Keep massaging for at least one minute.
  •         Perform this massage on both hands alternately.

3. Massage on neck

  •         Place both hands on the back of the neck.
  •         Now, with fingers fingertip the middle of the neck and the lower parts of the head, there will be two points on which you will get relief by applying pressure.
  •        Massage gently with the fingers on this part.
  •         Now make pressure with fingers on both points and tilt the head backwards.
  •         Stay normal for two minutes while remaining in this state.

4. Massage on head

  •         Find the fresher point on the forehead. For this, think of an imaginary line from one ear to the other which passes through the forehead.
  •         Now think of another imaginary line that goes from the middle of the eyebrows to the hairline.
  •         The intersection point of both these imaginary lines (which should normally be the middle part of your hair) will be your pressure point.
  •         Press it well with the thumb for one minute and then take a deep breath.

5. Massage on toes
·        There is a pressure point on the part between the toe and the first finger.
·        Apply pressure on this part with the thumb for one minute.
·        Likewise, do a light massage on the area between the two fingers.
·        Then take a deep breath.

6. Aqua pressure

·        Aqua pressure points are very helpful for releasing from minor headache effectively. Use pressure point LI-4 pressure point between thumb and index finger hurts.