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is a major wing for cause of diseases and behind all diseases diet have a major role. Some diseases, despite being common, take a dangerous form and one of them is diabetes. which, once it is detected, does not stop. In such a situation, it is important that the person who has diabetes, make his diet chart and follow it regularly. It is now important to know what diabetes patient should eat and what not. We will discuss it briefly here.
Diet chart for Diabetes patients.

How diabetes occurs?
Decrease of capacity creating insulin by our body causes rise in body glucose.  Increasing of body Glucose rise of Sugar occurs creates imbalance in our body and affects all body parts rapidly. it is better practice to know how to manage our body and should be careful about  our diet chat with exercise whether you have diabetes or not.

Many times diabetes patients start thinking about what to eat so that they can balance diabetes. It is forbidden to eat many things when there is diabetes, due to which many times the patient also gets irritable. At the same time, according to doctors, two types of fruits must be eaten with food daily. Also, salad should be eaten 10 minutes before meals, so that you do not eat excess food at once.
Heavy Food should be eaten for three main times in a day. Apart from this, whenever eating, do not eat too much at once and eat something every once in a while, if can take salad if u fell hungry in between three times . Make sure fruits should be in your food throughout the day and stay away from foods rich in sugar . Below we are talking about many other food items, which will not only make your diabetes right, but you will also get nutrients like protein, calcium, fat and carbohydrates.
It is best practice to consult a dietitian to know how much calories your body needs. it will be easy to prepare a diet chat. it always depends your height and weight.

Diet Chart- 

Green vegetables - If you do not have diabetes or you are in diabetic, then the consumption of green vegetables reduces the risk of diabetes. Vegetables contain a lot of nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables such as spinach, peas, capsicum, gourd, onion, garlic and brinjal can be consumed. This will keep the amount of sugar in your body balanced.

Fruit - Consuming fresh fruits is also very beneficial for diabetic patients. If you do not have diabetes, then you should also consume fruits, because by this, there is less possibility of diabetes in the future . At the same time, if you have diabetes, you can also consume fruits, by doing so the body will be healthy. You can eat fruits like banana, apple ,avocados, berries, cherries, pear, and kiwi in diabetes. Always remember that fruits (some select fruits) act as nectar for diabetes.
Dairy Products - If you are a diabetic patient, you can consume less fat milk, yogurt or a limited amount of cheese. Especially yogurt is beneficial in diabetes. Avoid all types of sugar products. Take fruit in breakfast, don't take rice. if you have practice in rice ten take bread and make rice as less as possible.

Early morning- After exercise or yoga you can drink lemon juice or apple vinegar in warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning. You can also drink detox water of watermelon and lemon. You can take green tea without sugar or sugar free. With this you can also eat two digestive biscuits.

Breakfast- Breakfast with two to three idlis of sambar and chutney . Also, one can eat bowl upma and chutney. Breakfast can be wheat porridge (vet flax) or poha and a glass of milk / a glass of fruit juice , you can add boiled egg in breakfast .

Brunch (Time between breakfast and lunch) - A glass of buttermilk or some fruits.

Lunch- Lunch with a bowl of sambar and rice ( As less as possible, if you can avoid rice its better) Roti/ Bread with lots of vegetables ( It is advisable to eat all type of green vegetables) and a bowl of yogurt or a bowl of rice with a small bowl of vegetable curry or fish / chicken and a bowl of yogurt.

Evening- Evening time in green tea and roast it with curry leaves and finely chopped garlic. You can eat black coffee without sugar and ribbon baked dumplings with it.

Dinner- Dinner is vegetable or chicken soup and  rotis / Breads or mixed vegetables curry, Rotis /Breads and curd. You can drink a glass of buttermilk before bed.
·        It is best practice to eat salad all the time first.
·        Never remain Diabetes patients in empty stomach.

Diabetes patients should also know which foods or beverages they should not consume or consume less as possible as per diet chart.
·        Do not consume too much salt in food.
·        Stay away from alcohol.
·        Sugar-rich beverages such as cold drinks.
·        Do not consume  much coffee.
·        Do not consume much sugar.
·        Do not consume much fried or oily food .
·        Avoid underground all vegetables in diet like Potato.   

Apart from eating and drinking, diabetics also need to pay special attention to their lifestyle. Below, we are telling you about some common, but very important, everyday things.

Don't skip breakfast at all- Because breakfast is an important diet. With this we remain healthy not only physically but also mentally. Breakfast provides energy to your body and also keeps your weight balanced. if you have Diabetes then it affect mostly.
Don't take tea in morning at empty stomach- Because it often seen that people having tea in morning took their breakfast in late, which affect diabetes patient and it is one most common cause of Diabetes. it is advisable don't put sugar in tea in diabetes. and never take tea in empty stomach.    
Detox beverages like: - Drink lemonade.
Drink plenty of water-  so that toxins are released from your body through urine.
Get up at the appointed time every morning, eat at the right time and sleep at the right time.
Do exercise and yoga- Exercise and Yoga are mostly needed for Diabetes patient and also meditate to keep the mind calm.
Never be Hypertension- If you are a diabetes patient never think lots of think , don't take tension stress because it has seen that people having Diabetes if he/she having stress then it will rise the Blood Pressure(BP) higher and the most of the cases it turns to Stoke or Paralysis attack.
There is no cure for diabetes, but by adopting the right diet and good routine and lifestyle, the effect of this disease can be reduced on the body. Therefore, take special care of diet in diabetes in all possible way.